I am a professor of history and a person in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

This blog will cover addiction and university culture, recovery as a professor, the history of alcoholism, and the intersections of addiction and capitalism. I will write largely from my own experiences and do my best to speak for no one other than myself. Addiction takes many shapes and no two people’s route to sobriety is identical.

Recovery narratives sometimes assume a particular story arc—a period of trials followed by (some form) of redemption. My life has improved immeasurably since I stopped drinking and using drugs, but it has not been a straightforward path. I want to be honest as possible about the messy, day-to-day, and complicated realities of staying sober—including setbacks and the dangers of relapse. As a person in recovery engaged in an ongoing process of rebuilding my life, I am still working to understand and make restitution for the different ways that my actions have harmed others. I hope that this blog will play some modest part in that process.